Samsung - SmartThings White A19 Smart LED Bulb - White
In Home this Week
  • Light up any room with the SmartThings smart bulb that's easy to control from your smartphone or tablet. Turn on the living room lamps as you're heading home, dim the lights from movie night, or schedule them to turn off before bed. It's a smarter way to light your house while saving money on energy costs.
  • Set routines and timers: With the SmartThings app, you can adjust the lighting to fit your daily routine when you're at home or on vacation. Simply set up your SmartThings smart bulb to power on or off or to dim or brighten, depending on when you get home from work or go to bed.
  • Install-free dimming: Dim the lights without the extra cost and hassle of installing special dimmers or switches. Whether you're having a dinner party or enjoying movie night, this smart bulb allows you to instantly lower the lighting to fit the mood.
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