Mthinkor Gulikit Route+ Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Adapter Compatible with Nintendo Switch
In Video Games this Week
  • First ROUTE+ USB C Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter with aptX Low Latency for Nintendo Switch or Computer; Can benefit from wireless Bluetooth audio for good game experience with no external noise to you or with no disturbing to others in public or to your loved ones at night at home
  • Wireless CSR Bluetooth high quality audio transmission for high-fidelity stereo sound. Never be bound again to wire, a perfect solution to enable non-Bluetooth Switch connected to Bluetooth receivers like Earphones, Headphones and Speakers
  • With traditional 3.5mm AUX jack Audio Bluetooth adapter, you may experience the problem sometimes where original audio is not in sync with video and low quality sound. ROUTE+ adopts aptX LL codec to eliminate that annoying lag you may get and ensure smooth transmission with impeccable sound quality for excellent game feel either on Nintendo Switch handhold mode or TV Dock mode
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