Magic Leap
Magic Leap One
US$ 2,295.00
  • Lightfields and brain stuff
  • Magic Leap One’s unique design and technology lets in natural light waves together with softly layered synthetic lightfields. Both the real world and virtual light rays initiate neural signals that pass from the retina to the visual part of the brain, creating unbelievably believable experiences.
  • Mix your reality with Lightwear
  • Built for humans, not robots (sorry robots), Magic Leap One is inspired by human physiology. It makes the unreal feel real. And this is only the beginning.
  • Far more than a headset, Lightwear is a portal into worlds within our world. Its cameras, sensors, speakers and optical relay work together with the superpowered processor in the Lightpack to provide unique input to your visual system for unparalleled experiences. Retinas are the canvas, light is the medium, Magic Leap One is the brush.
  • Superpowered Lightpack
  • We’ve squeezed Magic Leap One’s awesome processing power into a small and portable Lightpack that clips right onto your pocket. Inside this engine is an integrated GPU and CPU that generates high-fidelity, gaming-quality graphics to create next-level experiences. And not being wired to a desktop means you can dodge the jellyfish after you’ve made your kitchen into a coral reef.