Mini Smartphone iLight 8+ World's Smallest 8Plus Android Mobile Phone, Super Small Tiny Micro 2.4" Touch Screen, 8S Design, Global Unlocked Great for Kids Tiny iPhone Look Alike
  • Such a Cool Mini Smart Phone With a Little Touchscreen and a Micro iPhone Look alike Design of the 8+. Use it like any other Android mobile, You Can Browse the Internet anywhere and use Google Play Store to Download apps at the Palm of your Hand.
  • It is so Fast Strong And Durable for such a small device With Quad CPU and1GB Of RAM, 8GB of Storage and the body is made out of Metal and not plastic.
  • The World's Smallest Touch Screen 2.4" Super Small, Super Cool and a Great Gift For Kids and Adults. The Phone is the Tiniest 8+ in the World. Great gadget and great design with ios icons looks. This phone is unlocked it will be compatible with all GSM network in US including: AT&T, Cricket, Straight Talk, NET10, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Simple Mobile, Google Project Fi and more..."NOT COMPATIBLE WITH VERIZON AND SPRINT".
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