Portable AC Outlet Battery Pack by 54000mAh
In Phone Accessories this Week
  • TAKE THE WALL OUTLET ANYWHERE - The ultimate portable battery pack. PLUG is a power supply and mini generator. It's compact size, universal compatibility, high capacity and solar recharge capability (sold seperately) means you can enjoy and charge and provide power to your products anywhere.
  • PASS THROUGH CHARGING TECHNOLOGY - These power generators feature pass through charging technology which allows you to charge your devices while the battery pack itself is charging. The portable AC battery station can be used just like you would use a USB hub or surge protector. Add a solar panel charger and take your electronics into the great outdoors and off the grid.
  • POWER YOUR LAPTOP AND CPAP - This battery pack works with all devices up to 250 watts. Power your laptop, CPAP, tablets, phones and other household devices.
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