ORIA Screwdriver Set, Precision Screwdriver Kit S2 Strong Steel, 54 in 1 Magnetic Driver Kit, Model and Electronics Repair Tool Kit, for Drone, Smartphone, Tablet, PC, MacBook and Other Electronics
  • Fully Functional : The 54 in 1 multifunction tool set includes 37 types of screwdriver bits. Two of them are Phone 7 bits, so it can be used to repair Phone 7 and other devices.
  • High Quality Material : The most of bits are made of S2, which is harder material than others, the CRV made sockets and Phone 7 bits are hard and durable.
  • Innovative Wrenches : The special wrenches with innovative design is suitable for fixing the UAV models and Car models. It also can be used in electronics and other home applications.
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