Battlefield V
$59.99 - $79.99
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  • Take on the role of a WWII soldier in Battlefield V Deluxe Edition for PlayStation 4. This bundle includes access to the base game plus additional exclusive content. Five sets of paratrooper outfits lets you customize your soldiers, and special assignments put in the middle of historical fights between the British Special Air Service and German Airborne troops. Battlefield V Deluxe Edition includes 20 weekly Airlifts, giving you essential supplies needed during combat.
  • Firestorm Ranger Set: Drop in to the battlefield with a unique tactical loadout with the Firestorm Ranger Set. Complete with goggles, light battle fatigues, and the MKIII(S) Elite Combat Dagger - the weapon for all encounters as you fight for survival.
  • - F.S. Operative Gear
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