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Honest Tech Reviews, The News & My Views | Providing honest and clear insights, ideas, solutions, tests, answers, practical help, news, reviews, and opinions about today's technology with some personality thrown in! 🔥GOALS: - 1st Video Posted 01/16/17 - 10,000 Subs - 5/11/18 - 25,000 Subs - ??? 🔥BUSINESS INQUIRIES & SPONSORSHIPS use the business inquiries option on this page & include "Tech Today" in your subject. 📬Want to send me something? 15068 Rosecrans Ave #260 La Mirada CA 90638   Disclosure: I use affiliate links & may receive a commission from & at times may receive items for review. Despite that, I promise to always provide an honest & an unbiased as possible review because you deserve the best. All sponsorships will be clearly stated because transparency & trust are important to me!
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